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I just installed two set screws in my Neos, it dry fires perfectly and the trigger has almost no creep or slack.

All you need is two set screws and a drill bit. They are available at any hardware, or home improvement store. I used two 8-32 sized set screws and the recommended #29 drill bit. One set screw was about 1/8th of an inch long, the other a 1/4th.

To do this you should first field strip the Neos. Then remove the grip, slide latch (careful for the tiny spring) and you may need to remove the firing pin block.

I installed the longer set screw in front of the trigger on the top of the receiver, in the left side corner under the barrel at a 45 degree angle facing so the trigger bar hits it pretty squarely. Later I slowly turned the set screw in until it dry fired reliably (released the striker), then I went in another quarter of a turn for guaranteed reliability.

The shorter set screw was also aimed at the trigger bar. (black thing on the left side, left of the spring) This time I went in through the magazine well. The hole was made on the left half, with about an 1/8th of an inch of plastic above the top of the hole. I drilled and then tightened until there was just barely zero play. Basically the screw holds the trigger against the sear, but does not move it. I had to file the head of the set screw a bit with a cloth file because it stuck out a tiny bit. No big deal, the magazines were a little tight before the filing, now they are the same as stock because nothing is poking them.

It is very easy to do, sorry I do not have any pictures yet. Your drill will cut through the frame like a hot knife through butter, be careful on the front set screw so that you do not cut into anything or any opening. I doubt you would damage anything, but still. On the rear one, through the magazine well, the aluminum or steel bar will stop the drill. I used a hand drill (looks like a tap wrench) for the second hole, in retrospect it is probably a good idea to do that for both holes so as to avoid any slips or over penetration.

You will have to do a thorough cleaning of the trigger area by the spring because the plastic causes it to feel gritty if not cleaned out.

Another thing I fixed was the slight amount of play in the front part of the trigger guard, that pointy plastic thing under the front of the barrel. I used a soldering gun, and lightly ran it up and down the male barb to melt a few ridges. I then sanded them down a little so they fit smoothly and snugly. I no longer have any play in the front, it used to bother me that my index finger could move it a bit before.

Here are some pictures I took with a scanner, I will see if I can get a camera to take some better ones. The front set screw I tried doing by burning the sec screw in. That has worked very well for my in harder plastic, but in the Neos just use a drill bit, and preferably a hand drill. That set screw in the picture is a 6-32 size, if it does not work out I will replace it with the recommended(by me) 8-32 size.

The front set screw is at a side angle in the picture due to how I set it up, try not to do that on yours. You do however need a angle the set screw back towards the trigger post, ideally so the trigger rod hits it squarely over the whole surface.

Update: I took it to the range, I had to back the rear set screw in the magazine well out a half turn due to the trigger not always resetting, it was flawless afterwards. link-Neos set screw

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